How to Apply AT&T Student Discount 2021?

AT&T Student Discount

How to Apply AT&T Student Discount 2021? When everything shuts down in a pandemic time, students of all ages have been returning to their school virtually to continue their studies. Students are facing adverse impacts on their studies during this challenging time. 

Thus, to combat the situation, AT&T is taking a step ahead to continue students learning by offering a 20% discount to access broadband, wireless and internet connections. Moreover, they enable virtual classrooms in the USA and many other places for the students and provide them unlimited access to the internet in such an affordable price range. 

Who Is Eligible for This AT&T Student Discount? 

The administrators, students, parents, and teaching staff and private schools K-12 are eligible for the AT&T Discount that is available at Office@Hand Premium for 60 days. 

To avail the discount foremost, you need to be sure that the student’s household is in the services area with AT&T. After that, students or the representatives need to check whether their family is eligible for this public assistant program. 

Once you meet the eligibility criteria, the AT&T representative soon contacts within three to five business days to follow the next step to avail of the discounted internet services. The new customers can also connect or collaborate with the AT&T Student Discount at no cost. 

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The qualified universities and schools can activate the new lines on the tablets issued to the parents. Moreover, they will get 4G LTE service enabled on the hotspot devices and laptops at no cost for up to 60 days. 

AT&T Supporting eLearning Tools: 

AT&T connectivity not only meets with the virtual learning and connecting challenges at this discounted price but here it supports eLearning resources too. They raise funds for family connectivity and eLearning resources to support students and offer tools they require to learn online. 

Nearly $1M contribution has been made to Khan Academy by AT&T to help them and students in learning the things quickly in online classes. 

In addition to this, to support students better, they also give free trial services for 60 days with unlimited internet usage. 

AT&T Student Discounts: 

The AT&T Student Discount and low-cost internet options have also been provided on home internet services to keep you connected with distance education programs. The program will support teachers and students and help them in learning across different countries. 

At less than 10$ per month, students and families can enjoy video calling and other internet services. The AT&T Students Discount makes sense to connect millions of students and continue their studies online. 

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Final Thought:

The AT&T Student Discount is not much similar to other mobile internet service providers that provide a student discount. Check your eligibilty for the At&T at their website before opting for their service. Start your service and experience high speed internet and many other benefits.

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