How To Fix Dev Error 11152 In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 & Warzone 2?

Dev Error 11152

A popular first-person shooter game with frequent updates is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Because of its missions and gameplay, the game is becoming more engaging for users. Millions of players on PC are actively participating in the game and working hard to accomplish missions to earn prizes. However, not all users will experience this. Users have been reporting problems with the game by thousands. The Modern Warfare 2 Dev Error 11152 has been reported by several players. Even the users need clarification about the meaning of the problem and how it happened. Users are now searching for a trustworthy guide to fix this issue with their game. Here, you will find the solution to the problem of COD MW2 Dev Error 11152, should you be one of them. In this guide, we’ll list the steps to resolve the issue. To find out more, stick around to the end.

What Is Dev Error 11152?

When you try to run the game with corrupted files, you will get the Dev Error 11152 notice. If an update downloads in part or is stopped while running, corrupted files could result in this issue. To avoid Dev Error 11152 in the future, download the game or game update over a solid internet connection. If you’re having trouble updating because of connectivity issues when downloading via WiFi, try using a wired connection instead.

Why Am I Facing COD MW2 Dev Error 11152?

On Modern Warfare 2, many users are reporting that they are facing Dev Error 11152. However, they are still determining the cause of the issue they are facing with their game. If files are missing or the game has not been correctly installed on your PC, you may have the Dev Error 11152 issue. So, it’s very clear that the game won’t launch if the files are missing. You may resolve the issue in several ways, however. Carefully following these instructions will allow you to fix the issue without complications.

How To Fix Dev Error 11152 In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 & Warzone 2?

Many users search for ways to fix Dev Error 11152 in Modern Warfare 2. The methods you may take to fix the issue on your system are listed below. Thus, I implore you to read it carefully.

Restart The Device 

The first thing you should do if you have installed the game lately and receive the error notice is restart the device. There’s a potential that the game’s launcher won’t be able to read all of those files since the game was just installed on your system.

Dev Error 11152

To check whether the issue is resolved after doing this, restart your device in this situation. The game and system files will also be loaded to the launcher once you restart the device. Check to see if it helps.

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Verify The Integrity of The Game Files

Dev Error 11152

The second option for fixing this issue is to repair the game files, as they are corrupted or missing, and the issue is happening as a result. A feature that most modern game launchers have is the ability to check and fix game files. So, there’s no need to fret if you face this issue when playing the gameFollow the steps listed below to fix this issue quickly. On your computer, start the game.

  •  See the Library.
  • Locate the game and select it.
  • Toggle the three options.
  • Pick Properties and then go to the Local files.
  • Select the game files’ integrity now.
  • Once that is done, scanning the game files will begin. Be patient and let the process finish.
  • Try restarting the game once the process is complete. We’ll get the issue resolved.

Reset The Game

Resetting the game is an additional approach to resolving issues. You may reset an app to its factory default settings using a feature built into Windows. Many users have reported success in fixing the issue this way. All it takes to achieve this is following a few easy steps.

  • Launch your system’s settings. (Use the shortcut Win + I)
  • Select the Apps option once you’ve done that.
  • Go to the Apps You Have Installed.
  • Keep scrolling until you see the game.
  • Three dots will appear there. The option to “Modify” will appear when you click it.
  • Scroll down after selecting the option. There, you’ll find the option to Reset Game.
  • Wait for the process to finish before selecting that option.
  • Check whether the game starts up correctly when the process is finished.

Update The Game

The Dev Error 11152 running issue will likely happen if you still need to update the game and are still on an older version. The game’s developers have already published the updates. Furthermore, they may actively address the issue and deliver the update as soon as possible. So, check for updates often and download the game whenever it is released. Follow the instructions below to check the game’s update if you need help with how to do so.

  • Start up the game launcher.
  • Visit the library. First, choose the game. Then, click the three dots that appear.
  • The update option will be shown to you. It is recommended that you download any available updates. Check the game’s functionality after that.

Reinstall The Game 

Reinstalling the game is the final thing you may do to fix the issue, even after trying the methods above. You can only resolve the issue in this manner. The first step is to remove the game from your operating system. Once that is done, wipe the system clean of any temporary files. Restart the system when you’ve finished doing this. Once your system has been rebooted, you can repeatedly download and install the game.

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Check For Windows Update 

The developers are launching all the newest games compatible with Windows 11 without any issues. However, there are chances that the game will only function properly if you have put off installing any Windows updates on your system or last updated it a while ago. We recommend you check for the Windows Update on your computer and download the latest version. While you wait for the update to install, you may download it. Once you’ve done this, check whether the game starts correctly.


What Is COD MW2 Dev Error 11152?

The Dev Error 11152 notice that appears on the screen confuses users. They cannot determine the source of the error message displayed on their screen. You shouldn’t be concerned if you’re unaware of it. At the very beginning of this essay, we have detailed the problem and what caused it. To learn more about it, make sure to check it out.

How To Fix MW2 Dev Error 11557?

Numerous users are searching for ways to resolve Dev Error 11557, similar to issue 11152. This issue may be resolved by following the steps listed above.

Why Are There So Many Dev Errors In MW2?

After seeing several Dev Errors in Modern Warfare 2, users need clarification. The Dev Errors are introduced to the game to give users the error message. You may seek ways to resolve the issue by using the error message. Therefore, the Dev Errors are displayed for any problems you face with the game. To make their code more efficient, developers employ constraints like Dev Errors, which display an error message if anything in the program doesn’t function for whatever reason. Permissions, software issues, or something else may be the reason.

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Many people like playing the first-person shooter game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Players find the game to be more and more engaging as a result of the frequent updates. The game has been downloaded and is now played by over one million players. On their systems, however, many Dev Error 11152 users are now facing. Using this guide, we have listed the steps you may take to resolve the issue on your computer rapidly. Please read the post carefully to learn more about the issue and how to fix it easily.

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