How to Fix Discord Error 1006?

Discord Error 1006

Discord Error 1006 means that the Discord website is not permitted to use your IP. The error message is as follows: Your IP address has been prohibited by the website owner (

Let’s see what could and how you can correct this Discord Error.

What Causes Discord Error 1006?

Here’re some of the most common explanations for this mistake:

Discord found that your IP is used to access those pages of websites you cannot access.

Your bots have made a difference in the flag and forbid your IP. Many users who had this error complained that their IP was banned soon after their Discord bots were developed.

The public remains unknown, and only Discord is aware of another cause.

How to Bypass Discord Error 1006

Contact Discord Support Assume that you get Discord Error 1006 at E-mail Discord. Your support team will support you.

While you are sure that they erroneously prohibited your IP, you can’t do anything about it.

Naturally, your browser cache will still be exact, and you can use a different browser.

VPN Usage

If it is dynamic, you can change your IP address, or even install a VPN to mask your dedicated IP.

A VPN will send your machine a different IP address to bypass the problem.

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Discord will only detect when it recognizes the IP if you’re using a VPN. However, since VPNs have millions of IPs available, Discord cannot preclude a VPN-provided IP.

Some Discord users often make sure they never have Discord Error 1006 using another trick. You build your Discord account using your dedicated IP and always use a VPN when you use Discord.

Discord never forbids its IP address in this way.

Enable random addresses of hardware

Discord Error 1006

Other users have indicated that allowing random hardware addresses in Wi-Fi confuses databases for Discord.

Also, Check :

Final Thought:

We hope you have got rid of Discord Error, and now you can easily use Discord.

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