Windows 10 Update Error 0x800703ee | Fixed

Are you receiving error 0x800703ee when updating Windows 10? Suppose the same error code persists even when you are using the update assistant, and you don’t know what else to do, utilize this guide to troubleshoot the problem.

What causes error 0x800703ee?

Corrupted Windows files often trigger the Error 0x800703ee. That could indicate some of your system files or the update files themselves got corrupted.

Solutions to Fix Windows Update Error Code 0x800703ee

Run SFC and DISM scans

The Windows 10 comes with two handy tools that automatically scan for corrupted or missing system files & repair or replace the problematic files.

  • Start, Launch Command Prompt with administrator rights
  • Enter the SFC /scannow command & hit Enter


  • Now, wait until the PC has finished scanning the system files.
  • Next, run the DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /restorehealth command & hit Enter.


  • Here, Restart your computer & try to update your system again.

Restart the Windows Update service

Now, Restarting the Windows Update service is another handy solution to fix corrupted update files.

  • First, press the Windows and R keys at the same time, type services.MSc, and hit Enter
  • Then, Scroll down to the Windows Update service
  • Next, Right-click on it and disable the service


  • Here, Navigate to C:\Windows and delete the SoftwareDistribution folder
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  • Move to the Folder menu and turn on hidden and system protected files
  • So, Navigate to C:\ Windows and delete the ~WS and ~BT folders (if present on your computer)
  •  Move back to the Windows Update service and double-click on it
  • Well, Set the startup service to Automatic


  • Lastly, Restart your computer and try to install the update again.

Use the Microsoft Update Catalog website.

Even You can download the problematic update(s) directly from the Microsoft Update Catalog site. Of course, you can use this way only if you are getting error 0x800703ee when installing cumulative or security updates.

Here, Enter the update code in the search box, hit Enter, select the update, and hit the Download button.


Disable other programs

Suppose other programs are running in the background, they might interfere with the update process and trigger error 0x800703ee. So, Third-party antivirus tools may sometimes block Windows updates. Well, This is because these tools may mistakenly flag the update files as suspicious.

Though, To avoid such issues, disable your antivirus software before downloading and installing the updates.

You can disable background programs from the Task Manager. So, Select the Processes tab, right-click on the non-essential background programs one at a time, & select End Task.

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Clean boot your computer

Suppose you’re not sure what programs could interfere with your updated files, you can clean boot your computer.

  • Type MSConfig in the Windows search box
  • Move to the Services tab and check to Hide all Microsoft services


  • Click the Disable all option
  • Choose the Startup tab and open the Open Task Manager
  • Here, Disable the startup services one by one


  • Now, Close the Task Manager & reboot your computer.

Clean up your disk

As well, Every time you launch a program, your computer stores temporary files on the disk. So, As time passes by, these temporary files pile up, preventing you from installing other programs or even updating your computer.

To clean your disk & delete temporary files:

  • First, Type disk cleanup in the Windows search box.
  • Then, Launch the Disk Cleanup tool.
  • Choose the drive where you installed Windows.


  • Choose the files you want to delete (including system files)
  • Now, Windows will let you how much disk space you can free up.


  • Click the OK button. Restart your computer after cleaning the disk.

Final Words:

  1. Error 112
  2. 0X800701B1
  3. Google Account

Final Thought:

Let me know, and you managed to Fix Error 0x800703ee and update your system.

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