Error 0X800701B1 Troubleshooting Error on Windows 10


Error Code 0X800701B1 ‘A device which does not exist was specified‘ is a Windows 10 error code 0X800701B1 that indicates a drive is not present. This usually occurs when your computer failed to copy-paste or transfer files to or from that drive. This error can also happen when your external HDD is not working correctly, or your computer did not recognize it.

How to Fix Error 0X800701B1


Use a Different USB Port.

Suppose your computer supports multiple USB ports, try connecting the external HDD to a different port. So, Maybe the port you’re currently using is faulty or fails to provide enough power to your HDD.

Suppose you want to fix your faulty USB port, here’s a handy guide you can check out:

Remove other Peripherals

If insufficient power issues cause this error, try disconnecting all the other devices connected to your computer. Plug all of them out.

If you’re using a laptop, disconnect all your peripherals, and keep only the external HDD connected. You can now use your trackpad to control your device. Check if the error is gone.

Update or Reinstall your HDD Drivers

Well, To rule out outdated, incompatible, or corrupted drivers as the cause of error Code 0X800701B1, try updating or reinstalling your HDD drivers.

  • First, Open the Device Manager.
  • Then, Expand the list of Disk Drives.
  • Next, Right-click on the problematic hard drive.
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  • Here, select Update Driver.
  • So, Wait until the update process is over and restart your computer.
  • Whether the error persists, repeat the same process and select Uninstall Device to remove the current HDD driver.
  • Lastly, Restart your computer again to install a generic driver.

Check if this problem persists.

Keep your File Transfer Size Low.

Then try to keep your file size under 10GB when you’re transferring files to or from your external HDD. If you try to share your files in huge chunks, this will put an extra strain on your hardware, especially if you are using a low-specs computer and an old HDD.

Replace your External HDD

Perhaps your external HDD is the culprit. Whether the HDD is wearing out, errors and glitches will become the norm. So, Test if error 0X800701B1 still occurs if you’re using a different HDD.

Suppose the error is gone, consider purchasing a new external HDD or better yet, an SSD if you want to upgrade your gear.

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Final Thought:

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