How To Assign Jobs To Pals In Palworld? Easy Guide

How To Assign Jobs To Pals In Palworld

Pals are one of the key elements that contribute to Palworld’s fun and lively atmosphere. Unlike Pokemon, pals in Palworld may assist you with a variety of tasks that you assign them. As you go on your excursions with the greatest initials, assigning jobs to them is an easy way to keep your base active. In Palworld, it is also quite easy to assign jobs to Pals, so let’s see how it works.

How To Assign A Job To Pals?

Before assigning a project to a buddy, keep in mind that buddies will begin working on the job they are most comfortable with immediately. This implies that even if you don’t assign the buddies a task, they will start working on it. However, the Pal AI might get confused and cause the task to be delayed. Follow the procedures to assign a task to Pals so that they may start immediately.

  • Go to the profile you wish to use for a certain task and press the Pick button (F on PC, X on Xbox).
  • Now, go to the workstation where you want your pal to work and press the same button again.
  • The player will physically throw the Pal on the workstation and begin working right away.
  • You will see a blue message on the left side of your screen indicating that the task has been assigned to the companion.
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How To Assign Jobs To Pals In Palworld

Use Partner Pal On A Job

Unfortunately, after you throw them at the workstation, the Pal you assigned to a given task might run away. However, there are many methods to avoid this. The best way to keep a Pal working on a certain project is to use your partner Pal.

How To Assign Jobs To Pals In Palworld

To employ your partner Pal on a certain task, go to the workstation and throw your partner Pal Sphere onto it. To ensure that the pal arrives on the workstation, press the summon pal button (E on PC and Xbox). Partner pals will remain on the job as long as you are present. However, if you leave the base, they will abandon the job and follow you.

Assign Job To Single Skill Pals

While the aforementioned approaches work flawlessly, there is another way to ensure your Pal remains on a single task. That is why finding single-skill Pals in Palworld is so important. These Pals come with fewer skill counts for tasks they can perform. This ensures that your pals are working on the tasks you assign to them. Lack of multiple job capabilities will ensure the Pals do not run away. The Paldeck allows you to assess the work-appropriateness of various mates.

How To Assign Jobs To Pals In Palworld

Available Jobs In Palworld List

Knowing all jobs and their requirements is important if you are on your way to finding some people for the jobs you want to do. This way, you’ll know what kind of companion will assist you with whatever task. The following is a comprehensive list of jobs accessible in Palworld, along with their prerequisites.

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Job Skill Description Rquirement
Handiwork Crafting, Building, Repair Pals with hands
Kindling Smelting, Cooking Fire-type Pals
Lumbering Woodwork Grass-type Pals
Planting Seeds and Crops Grass-type Pals
Mining Collecting material from stone pits Limited Pals
Gathering Collecting common materials from the ground Pals with hands
Farming Ranch work for milk, wool, and other resources Limited Pals
Cooling Preserving resources and refrigerating Frost or Ice-type Pals
Watering Water crops & powering Crusher Water-type Pals
Medicine production Making healing items at Medicine Station Grass-type Pals
Transporting Mounts and transporting goods Limited Pals
Electricity generation Generate electricity Electric-type Pals


And that is how you may assign jobs to Pals in Palworld. Pal, who is your favorite worker? Please let us know in the comments below!

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