How To Write Cover Letter Template

how to write cover letter template

This post will explain how to write cover letter template. Although I’m not in HR, I’ve been contacted by candidates who questioned whether their cover letter would even be opened. Many of them didn’t want to hear “occasionally” as my response. jIt may occasionally be read.

In other cases, such as when you network your way into applying for a position, you can get away with just putting in your resume. In actuality, you can’t truly make predictions on an individual basis, so it’s best to be safe than sorry. Generally speaking, having a cover letter will provide you an advantage over other candidates that a resume cannot.

It gives you the chance to showcase your writing abilities, offer information that wouldn’t fit on your CV, show your passion, and exhibit your commitment to put forth the most time and effort feasible.

How To Write Cover Letter Template

In this article, you can know about how to write cover letter template here are the details below;

We’ll go over cover letter writing techniques and offer sample cover letters so you can develop your own.

Submission Letter

Written communication from a job candidate to an employer outlining their qualifications and reasons for applying for a position is known as an application letter.

This document, more usually referred to as a cover letter, may be submitted using an email, a Word document, or another application template provided by the employer.

Seems very simple, doesn’t it?

Depending on the enterprise you work in and the position you’re looking for, cover letters may or may not be considered important to an employer.

CareerBuilder poll found that 49% of recruiters believe including a cover letter with your resume increases your chances of getting the job.

If you do select to write a cover letter, bear in mind that it needs to possess a few characteristics that aren’t mentioned in the definition above.

How to Write a Cover Letter

What therefore ought should you include?

We’ll leave most of the talking to the 11 templates that follow this list.

Pay close attention to the following components no matter which one you download because they should all be evident in the letter you submit to your potential manager.

1. Contact Information

Cover letters ought to include the company’s contact information in addition to your own. Your phone number, email speech, and any social media profiles you’re prepared to share and accept connections to are all considered your contact information.

Although they are not essential, home addresses might be a useful way to show an employer that you already live close by and would have no issue getting to the office.

Don’t give your present employer’s phone numbers, email addresses, or physical addresses.

For instance, if you communicate with recruiters using your personal Gmail account rather than your work email, none of your current work communications will be mixed in.

2. A Personal Address Line

Do your best to avoid writing the worn-out statement that appears at the start of so many cover letters today, “to whom it may concern.”

Specific address lines draw the reader’s attention far more rapidly and demonstrate to the employer that you took the effort to personalise your application letter for them.

Don’t know who the hiring manager is?

“Employees at [business name]” is perfectly acceptable.

3.  A Hook

A smart beginning that “hooks” your reader into wanting to learn more is referred to as a “hook.”

What distinguishes you from other job candidates, in your opinion?

What aspects of your professional background may you highlight in an intriguing opening line to attract recruiters?

4.Why You’re Qualifide

It goes without saying that your cover letter should provide a summary of your professional experience.

The finest applications of today, however, explain how the applicant’s background makes them qualified for the position they’re looking for.

Don’t just say, for instance, that you wrote for a company blog for three years.

Describe how this kind of work allows you to manage the weekly content calendar for your new potential employer.

5. General Knowledge of the Business

Grammatical mistakes could result in your application being rejected, but they’re not the only thing that could cause your letter to be ignored.

Your chances of getting an interview will also suffer if you use a general, “one-size-fits-all” cover letter and forget to modify the company’s name.

Therefore, if you’re going to write a cover letter, be sure to comment on the company.

Why are you submitting a resume to this business?

What stood out to you as a professional about their company?

Let’s now examine a sample cover letter, what makes it successful, and 11 samples you may download or use as a model.

Example of a Cover Letter

The aforementioned example shows how to use the components we provided to write a marketing cover letter.

The first few sentences outline the candidate’s qualifications for the post in addition to providing contact information and an address line.

This example demonstrates why they might be a good fit using specific data.

Additionally, in the next-to-last line, the applicant explains why they are interested in that particular business, displaying a general understanding of the industry.

This is an excellent sample to draw inspiration from because it incorporates all the components of a cover letter.

Top 15 Cover Letter Templates to Perfect Your Next Job Application In 2022

 Basic Template 1

 Basic Template 1

A simple yet effective cover letter is shown in the example above.

More information about each of the numbered sections is provided below.

1. Header

The company to whom you apply will determine the formality of your header.

Use a professional header to start your cover letter, like in the example above, if you’re applying to a formal company.

Include the company’s address, the date, and your address.

It is not necessary to mention your address and the address of the company, however, if you are applying to a less formal organisation. Also check online courses platforms 

But you can still mention the day.

2. Greeting

It’s acceptable to use “To Whom It May Concern,” but you might want to spend some time looking up the recruiter or hiring manager’s name online.

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If you complete your research and aren’t sure you found the appropriate name, you should definitely use the generic greeting; however, if you are certain, it will show the recruiter that you put in the time to identify their name.

Do you address the recruiter by their full name, if you know it, or by their courtesy title (Mr., Mrs., etc.) if you do?

It depends on the formality of the firm, much like the header.

Instead of “Jon Snaper,” you might want to use “Mr. Snaper” if you’re applying to a corporate company.

Use “Jon Snaper,” as displayed in the example, if you’re applying to a start-up or a company with a more laid-back work environment.

3. Introduction

In one to three words, explain why you’re eager to apply and what makes you the ideal candidate.

Don’t worry about describing how you discovered the job or who you know at the company; just get to the point.

You should explain why you’re a strong candidate in the second paragraph, not in this one.

Here, only briefly summarise a few crucial justifications in order to build up the remainder of your letter.

Remember that the recruiter might compare your cover letter and CV, so make sure they match.

4. Paragraph 2: Why You’re a Great Fit for the Job

The next step is to sell yourself and your experience by selecting one or two specific examples that demonstrate your suitability for the job.

What did you do at a prior employer that provided you with experience in this field?

Which of your past endeavours might be advantageous to the new business?

How would your prior experience aid the expansion of this business?

Continue to be modest as you describe your qualifications while demonstrating how you would benefit the team.

Use this paragraph to demonstrate your genuine enthusiasm and interest in the job.

5. Third Paragraph: Why the Company is a Great fit for you

While it’s crucial that you’re a good fit for the position, it’s equally crucial that you’re a good fit for the organisation.

Former HubSpot Team Development Manager Emily MacIntyre questions, “A cover letter often highlights why you’re fantastic for a firm, but how will you gain from getting hired?”

“We want to hear why you are prying in working for our organisation and how our collaboration will be mutually beneficial.”

Show that you’re committed to advancing your career at this new firm in the third paragraph.

What about the business impresses and thrills you?

Are there any issues that you care deeply about that also support the objectives of the business?

The applicant in the sample letter, for instance, utilised this area to demonstrate how his personal devotion to environmental concerns is consistent with the business’s green goals.

6. Strong Closer and Signature

It’s crucial to conclude strong in your cover letter, so avoid being slack in the last few phrases.

Express your enthusiasm and interest in the new role in a direct manner, and make it clear that you are willing to discuss the possibility at any time.

Include your phone number and email address without fail.

Right now, it is up to the recruiter to decide how to proceed with the follow-up.

Finally, but most importantly, express gratitude for their attention and time.

Use a formal closing like “Best,” “All the best,” or “Sincerely,” then type your entire name to complete the sentence.

You are not need to sign it with pen.

Template 2 Data-Driven Marketing Cover Letter 

Template 2 Data-Driven Marketing Cover Letter 

It may be tempting to include data in your cover letter when applying for a career that is data-driven to highlight your accomplishments for prior companies.

But in an application letter, especially for the marketing sector, how you present this information is just as crucial as the information itself.

You can offer the information that is most significant to you as a candidate using the cover letter template above that we developed here at HubSpot.

I’ve established a plan that has assisted the company in achieving… before the three bullet points near the centre of the letter above.

This arrangement is crucial because, even though you are free to include as many facts as you like in this template, the data points should show how your current or former company profited from your efforts rather than how you personally gained.

Template 3: Brief and Direct Cover Letter

Template 3: Brief and Direct Cover Letter

David Silverman, a contributor to the Harvard Business Review, commended the aforementioned cover letter as “The Best Cover Letter I Ever Received.”

For perspective, Silverman asserts that only a few circumstances genuinely call for a cover letter to be written:

  1. When you are aware of the hiring manager’s name.
  2. When you have some knowledge of the job’s requirements.
  3. If you were personally recommended for the position.

A direct, to-the-point cover letter, like the one above, might be your best chance in those three situations.

But because it’s so brief, be sure to put your own letterhead above the actual statement.

A brief and sweet cover letter like the one above could be simple for a recruiter to look through, but without a distinctive design or format, it’s also simple for it to be lost in the shuffle of their application list.

Template 4: Cover Letter for a Referral

Template 4: Cover Letter for a Referral

It doesn’t necessarily follow that a company will hire you just because a friend or coworker suggested you for the position.

As a result, the cover letter example above is tailored to referrals.

This was created by HubSpot.

Obtain it here (it comes with four other cover letter templates, too).

The first paragraph of the cover letter, as seen in the illustration above, is fully devoted to addressing the circumstances surrounding your application:

There is no harm in you knowing someone who works there. Also check Defect Tracking tools

However, it can be detrimental to keep it from the hiring manager.

The reader will see that you are aware of and confident in the steps you take to secure the prospects you are interested in by learning about your connection at the organisation.

In the end, it’s preferable to the recruiter finding out about your employee relationship from another source.

Regarding the remainder of the cover letter, present your message in the same manner as you would if you were applying without any inside connections.

Your internal referral does not diminish the value of your abilities or accomplishments.

Template No. 5 Photo Letterhead Cover Letter Template No. 5

Template No. 5 Photo Letterhead Cover Letter Template No. 5

As thorough as it appears to be, the cover letter template above was created by Microsoft Office and is totally free to use and alter.

This cover letter currently has around half a photo and half text.

To allow yourself more space to convey your story, feel free to reduce (and modify) the image.

Of course, a lovely washed-out image that accurately captures who you are can be included in that tale.

Template 6 Digital Creative Cover Letter 

Template 6 Digital Creative Cover Letter 

The applicant who wants to highlight the variety of digital channels they are on should choose this sixth template.

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This template complements a resume with the same structure effectively.

Remember to take note of the social networks and business software featured in this template as you customise it with your own experience.

As you can see, there is additional space along the top for you to include your LinkedIn profile and personal website.

By using bullet points to format your most significant successes and highlights, you can build upon this template.

This accentuates the value you offer while also making the document simpler for the hiring manager to read.

Template 7 Marketing Manager Cover Letter 

Template 7 Marketing Manager Cover Letter 

A cover letter from is our seventh example.

This cover letter is targeted exclusively at a marketing position as seen above.

Take note of the writer’s use of crucial marketing terms and KPIs.

You might not want to fill the entire page with a narrative of your experience in paragraph form, like Template 1 does at the beginning of this post, if you’re applying for a data-driven position.

Instead, think about bulleting three (or four, or five) of your accomplishments that you think the hiring manager would relate to the most.

As a marketer, you should break up your letter with bulleted facts like the ones mentioned above to demonstrate consideration for the hiring manager’s time constraints. This is a philosophy that all marketers need to have when interacting with their target market.

Template 8: Follow-Up Cover Letter for Career Day

This particular cover letter was written by Princeton University.

Even if LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Monster, and Indeed may account for the majority of your online job searches, some job openings still result from attending trade shows, job fairs, or other similar networking events.

You have the follow-up cover letter example above for situations like that.

This cover letter provides all the information you require to make an employer remember speaking with you at a career fair.

The second paragraph makes clear that the letter is especially helpful for those who are about to graduate from college.

Template 9: Cover Letter with Logo and Watermark

Another Microsoft Office cover letter template is provided here.

Without a doubt, the template is intended for any professional hoping to make a strong first impression on their potential employer. It features a little touch of colour in the design right above the letterhead.

Don’t be misled by the logo area at the top right of the website.

This can either be your personal logo or the logo of the company you’re applying to, to rapidly grab the recruiter’s attention.

Maybe you do some side work as a freelancer or you just enjoy marketing yourself.

It is possible to customise this cover letter template.

Template 10 Data Scientist Cover Letter

This is the second Princeton University template we’ve used.

Although this is targeted towards a data scientist position, it is a great template to utilise for students who are looking for jobs before they graduate.

The text focuses on how the applicant is a strong prospect for the post because of their academic work and projects.

The format is also straightforward enough to be sent as a pdf, as text in an email, or in a text box on an application.

Template 11 Business Cover Letter 

Business Cover Letter 

For entry- and mid-level marketers who like to come across as a little more professional in their first communication with a possible employer, the cover letter sample above is ideal.

The multicoloured header (which you can alter if you’d like) demonstrates just the perfect amount of originality and can complement a resume in the same style rather nicely.

Don’t worry if your experience doesn’t fit the entire page.

Feel free to write for however long you believe captures both who you are and what the hiring manager is looking for.

The above template gives you the chance to demonstrate your attention to detail, regardless of how long your final cover letter is. From your contact information in the top header to the personalised address line where you can put the name of the hiring manager.

As we have stated, “to whom it may concern” is a quite old phrase.

Template No. 12 Entry-Level Cover Letter Template No. 12

The cover letter example above, created by HubSpot, is intended especially for applicants with little experience.

It’s crucial to explain how you acquired your talents and what you learnt through your studies or internships when you only have a few years of experience.

It’s also crucial to explain why you’re applying to the company in question.

No of your level of expertise, the aforementioned template will assist you in selecting the talents you want to emphasise and elaborate on in your cover letter.

Template 13 Healthcare Cover Letter Template 13

This cover letter’s direct, to-the-point bullet points that make reference to the job posting are what catch my attention.

Following the “I have” statement with six bullet points that highlight the applicant’s advantages, such as “I have… practical knowledge of creating and implementing care plans” and “I have… a proven track record of compassionate, effective care,” the cover letter from The Balance Careers avoids repetition.

Furthermore, statements like “I’d love to put my skills to work for your clinic” and “Please contact me at your convenience and let me know how I can help you” put more emphasis on what the company will get from hiring the applicant than what the candidate hopes to achieve.

Template 14 Freelance Cover Letter 

Freelance Cover Letter 

Your main objective while looking for freelance work is to rapidly convey your abilities so that busy clients won’t completely ignore your cover letter.

Additionally, if you’re sending several cover letters to several clients, you should tailor each one to the particular objectives of that client.

For instance, you should emphasise prior expertise producing marketing-related content if the client is searching for SEO-optimized material; this will vary, for example, if the client is looking for fitness content.

Because of this, it’s a good idea to format your cover letter such that you begin with a) past qualifications or references and b) bullet-point information relevant to the client’s aim, as demonstrated in the sample cover letter above.

Template 15 Director Cover Letter

Director Cover Letter

If you’re applying for a Director position, you should begin by outlining how you’ve either handled a similar role successfully in the past or why you think you’re qualified and prepared to take on additional responsibilities for the first time.

The applicant does a fantastic job of detailing her prior leadership accomplishments in the cover letter quoted above: “For the past five years, I have successfully built and maintained all data systems, including schedules and records for a business employing more than 100 people.”

You should highlight your organisational and leadership qualities, as well as any instances in which you were recognised for your dedication (e.g., “I obtained an award for Most Valuable Administrative Staff Member”).

Write a Winning cover Letter

A cover letter is more straightforward to say than to do.

Spend a lot of time writing and correcting it, please.

Alternately, ask a friend or member of your family to review it and provide feedback.

You’ll be glad you did if the recruiter does wind up reading it.

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