Top 4 Muzei Alternatives for Android Wallpaper

muzei alternatives

Best muzei alternatives will be described in this article. Muzei is one of my favourite Android wallpaper apps. And there are two reasons why. I can import wallpapers from many sources using Muzei plugins, and Muzei will automatically cycle between the images from the source. Awesome Shrink will automatically cycle over However, Muzei is not the only app capable of doing this.

Look at the alternatives below if you don’t like how Muzei blurs the photographs or you believe the images are of bad quality.

Top 4 Muzei Alternatives for Android Wallpaper Buffs In 2022

Top 4 Muzei Alternatives for Android Wallpaper Buffs are explained here.



WallMax appears to be a straightforward wallpaper library programme.

But an Auto Awesome mode can be found in the options. Also check LookingGlass Scoutprime reviews

Although it isn’t as sophisticated as some of the other apps on this list, you may choose a category and an interval time, and the app will take care of the rest.



HPSTR Live Wallpaper doesn’t try to be something that it isn’t.

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It will cycle among curated wallpapers from sites including 500px, Unsplash, Reddit, and more, just like Muzei.

The photographs will have a thin geometric form put on top to give them a hip appearance, and they will be somewhat muted.

You can choose several sources, experiment with filters, and the geometric shapes if you upgrade to pro ($2.49).



The Muzei for your own/downloaded photographs is Wallpaper Changer.

You must first turn on Wallpaper Changer’s live wallpaper in order to begin. Also check  crashPlan alternatives

After that, you must include images in the album. This is another muzei alternatives.

By tapping the + button in Albums, you can accomplish that.

You can decide how frequently you wish to change the wallpaper using Wallpaper Changer.

Wallpaper Changer is for you if you prefer to cycle through your own or family images rather than beautiful wallpapers from the Internet.



The newest player in this field is TapDeck, which is still in beta.

Simple is the app’s idea.

Once everything is set up, all you have to do to change the wallpaper is double-tap on the empty space on the screen, and you may swipe up to see more information about the picture. This is another muzei alternatives.

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TapDeck is incredibly quick, despite the fact that it is still in beta and the wallpaper library is not that big.

The wallpaper can be changed by tapping twice.

You must first make an account due to the beta stage, then wait for an invite (my arrived in an hour), sign up again, confirm the account, then log in.


You probably have a Dropbox folder with all of your favourite wallpapers.

Let us know which ones you like best in the comments section.

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