Plex Plugins to Enhance Your Streaming in 2021

Plex Plugins

Plex is an all-in-one-place website where one can access all sorts of media, ranging from personal media to popular TV serials, movies, web series, podcasts, streaming music, and seasons. Everything is available on one website, and it works on all types of devices. However, with time, many of the traditional features of Plex failed to persist, thereby dropping out some extra features. Amongst the eliminated features was the Plex Plugins, which was eradicated in 2018. The Plugin was a must-have addon for users who shared Plex with multiple people. Hence, PluginPlugin would keep a check on who is watching, how many people are watching, what one is watching, and the user’s location. 

Keeping in view its usage, Plex Plugins seem to be quite handy features, which many users might still desire to use. So, if you are one of those who wish to keep the now-removed part of Plex, there is good news for you! It is still possible to download plugins that can work for the web and third-party providers. 

Plex Plugins to Enhance Your Streaming in 2021

Now, the question comes to what is the best choice? With hundreds of Plex Plugins available online, it becomes hard to choose the right one. To make it easy for you, we have compiled a list of some of the best plugins for Plex that you can use conveniently and safely. These are:


Another name in the list of best Plex plugins is Plex2Netflix. If you are interested in seeing his/her library overlapping with Netflix, Plex2Netflix is the right choice. When a Plex server has not enough space, it is better to drop the content somewhere else. With PLex2Netflix, it is possible to know how much content from your library is available on Netflix. It even tells how much of a show is available, as Netflix does not contain the entire series, so it is better to know how much you want to download to be able to have access to the whole story across the two services. 


Many people are unaware that subtitle processing requires immense time and energy, putting much load on the CPU. However, if someone is still adamant about getting all the benefits subtitle yet wishes to reduce the load it exerts on the CPU, then Sub-Zero is a perfect choice. Inspired by the Mortal Kombat character, this plex plugins is capable of creating subtitles for almost all films and TV shows. Moreover, the subtitles produced by Sub-Zero are smoother and more precise, making it a perfect choice for anime and foreign movies. 

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Tatulli is a must-have Plex Plugins for anyone that shares his Plex server with a group of people. It lets you keep a check on every user using the same network, so tracking who is watching and what is one watching has never been easier before. Moreover, with Tautulli, it is possible to notify newly added content with multiple people sharing the same Plex server. Apart from that, it also gets a notification if the server is ever down. Finally, one of the best features of Tautulli is its safety concern. It does not let the other users have complete freedom to use, access, or further share on the server with other people, like hosting the Plex party, who can control other users’ access. This leads us to our final PluginPlugin on the list. 


Owing to its popularity and wide usage, WebTools top the list of the best Plex Plugins. It is referred to as the alternative Plex app store, as it lets users download all types of unofficial addon for the Plex servers. Moreover, it also supports logging tools to provide assistance in tracking within Plex. WebTools has the capacity to keep a check on playlist management tools. Subtitle management system, and it also scans for missing media. WebTools provides excellent assistance in keeping track of the enormous Plex library, which, otherwise, would have been quite cumbersome to keep track of had it not been for WebTools. 

Plex Export

Sometimes there is some exciting movie, song, or a web series in a Plex library that you feel like sharing with your friends and family without breaching any privacy or sending private data. Plex Export comes to the rescue in such situations, as it lets its users switch the contents of the library into HTML files, breaking them down into genres and categories. With Plex Export, it is possible to share your library without having to share the login information. By sharing the library with the help of Plex Export, your acquaintance will get a well-organized list, making it les challanging for them to find the desired content. In a nutshell, Plex Export is an ideal pick for users with an enormous library. 

Trakt Scrobbler

In this world of technology, where everyone is swamped with work, catering to oneself and entertaining oneself has become a dream. Suppose somehow, one manages to take time out of one’s busy schedule and tries to while away by watching something nice. In that case, binge-watching becomes quite tricky because of unexpected work calls, and one cannot keep track of where one left off alone, reminiscing the entire season. If you’re one of those who forget about where he/she left, worry not, as Trakt Scrobbler is always to the rescue. The Plex Plugins conveniently keeps track of all your favorite shows and channels. The tool also offers a rating system as soon as your watch history progresses. Apart from that, Trakt Scrobbler is also suitable for syncing data between all of its supported apps, which includes Kodi, MediaPortal, Emby, and Infuse. 

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One setback of Trakt Scrobbler is that it is unable to measure progress when there are multiple users. However, the tool itself has remedied the issue by offering a solution in hooking each individual to a separate Trakt. Tv profile.

Manga Here

One of the most underrated and long-forgotten features of Plex is that it streams Manga. Hence, if you are obsessed with comics, then Manga here is the right choice for you, as it lets users stream comics on a bigger screen. Furthermore, searching for Manga has never been easier before. With Manga here, one can get quick access to the desired content without having to deal with annoying ads on websites. 

After telling you about some of the best Plex Plugins, it is time to guide you through the installation process. Follow us:

  • Download the PluginPlugin. Unzip the zipped file and look for a bundle file. If the bundle file contains any text, remove it to avoid errors.
  • Copy the bundle file into the Plugin folder within Plex. Restart Plex to see if the PluginPlugin is loaded. 
  • Plugin folder is usually in the following locations:
  1. v Windows: %LOCALAPPDATA%\Plex Media Server\Plug-ins
  2. v macOS: /Library/Application Support/Plex Media Server/Plug-ins
  3. v Linux: $PLEX_HOME/Library/Application Support/Plex Media Server/Plug-ins

Final Thought:

With these seven Plex Plugins, the streaming experience becomes even more fun. Using extra features has always been a luxury, and with these seven plex servers, using the Plex server is more accessible and safer. Although for installing these servers, one needs to know about these servers and how to install them, it is worth making all the efforts to know about the technical terms. 

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