Best Private Search Engines You Can Try

Private Search Engines

Is surfing the web secure? It’s safe but not anonymous. Whatever we search for on search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing, their data is collected. Companies such as Google use this information to improve and, more crucially, inform its search engine. However, many individuals dislike having an eye on them. So, to protect yourself from that eye, we’ve compiled a list of the best free Private Search Engines that will enable you to surf anonymously and securely.

The current world we live in is completely reliant on the Internet. It isn’t easy to envision things without the Internet. You will need a competent web browser, often known as a search engine, to use or surf the Internet. Also, this web browser/search engine searches the Internet to provide results relevant to your query. Google is one of the most popular and extensively used web browsers. It is accessible for cellphones, computers, and other devices. However, Google maintains track of all your online actions, jeopardizing your privacy. However, many more private search engines are available to protect your privacy. We’ve listed some of the best private search engines below. So, let’s have a look at them and see what they have to offer their users!

Best Private Search Engines You Can Try

Let’s look at these Private Search Engines that can benefit you!

1. DuckDuckGo

Private Search Engines

Well, this is the best website for privacy protection. None of your data has been leaked from this search engine. Instead, our search engine does not gather any personal information. People advocate using this web browser to surf the deep net or darknet. The rationale behind this advice remains the same. It may also be used as an extension in Google Chrome. When you open this search engine in Google Chrome, a pop-up will appear, allowing you to add it as an extension.

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2. Disconnect Search

Private Search Engines

This search engine is similar to most other search engines, such as Google and Yahoo. Still, the main difference between them and Disconnect Search is that Disconnect Search doesn’t record your history or IP address, eliminating the potential for your data to be leaked. Disconnect Search enables you to manually choose your location before you begin surfing the Internet using that search engine as an add-on function.

3. WolframAlpha

Private Search Engines

WolframAlpha is a handy search engine that protects your privacy. The homepage of this search engine is quite dynamic. This search engine’s algorithm differs significantly from that of other search engines. The results should be presented later. Instead, you must calculate the result yourself! You have to try it.

4. Lukol

Lukol is an effective anonymous search engine that may serve as your private search engine. It uses Google to get results, but it conceals your IP address so you cannot be tracked down. Using this search engine ensures your anonymity.

5. Oscobo

People worldwide use this search engine to protect their privacy. It also prevents hackers from accessing and using your data, making you resistant to spammers. You may also add Chrome as an extension to Oscobo and use it concurrently.

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6. Startpage

Well, this search engine protects your data from being leaked but also aids you in creating your IP address. In other browsers, you may require a VPN proxy tool to conceal your IP address to access some prohibited websites, but this is an incorporated capability. You may also add this search engine to your Chrome browser and set it as your default.

7. MetaGer

Like the other private search engines listed above, this search engine protects your data against leaks. This is because the MetaGer search engine doesn’t track your actions or leave any trace of your presence. It also does not record your keywords, which prevents marketers from bugging you with targeted adverts. It may be added as an extension to your Chrome browser and set as the default search engine.

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Final Words:

These were some of the best private search engines for protecting your privacy and preventing leaked data. You may test them out to see which one fits you best! If your favorite private search engine isn’t listed above, please share it in the comments below.

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