The Science Behind Snapchat Planet Order Features

Snapchat Planet Order

The Science Behind Snapchat Planet Order Features

The order of planets in the Friend Solar System shows where friends are in a user’s Best Friends list. This is called “Planet Order.” Each planet represents a different spot in the list, and users can tap on a friend’s badge to see which planet that friend is on.

Because each planet stands for a different friend and means something different, you can give these unique planet stickers to friends who share your interests. You can place these stickers on your laptop, phone case, office desk, or even on birthday gifts for friends. This way, you can see them anywhere and remember your friends. It also means that your friends are always with you. On, you can change how it looks!

This kind of gift holds a lot of value and memory. It can also show you are friends and have a special personal link. Each planet sticker stands for something different. With different planet stickers, you can figure out who the friend is. Many close friends also worked together to make this gift a keepsake for a close friend.

Snapchat has also made a paid version called Snapchat+. The new update has pretty cool new features called “Snapchat Planets.” Some Snapchat features can also order your contact list, like a solar system, based on how frequently you send each person.

You can learn about Snapchat and its many features, the Snapchat Planet Order, Snapchat Plus, and how to get it here. You will also find out what Snapchat Plus Planet Order means and a lot more.

Snapchat’s Planet Order – An Overview

The Snapchat Planet Order feature tells you that your eight closest friends are grouped in the app’s social environment, like planets. The order is based on how close your ties are, with Mercury at the top and Neptune at the bottom. In this image, you, the Snapchat user, are like the sun, and your friends are like planets orbiting around you. The site’s style makes it easy for users to display and sort their most important relationships.

Where Do Snapchat Planets Come in?

Planet Order on Snapchat is a brand-new feature that Snapchat made. For example, if you use Snapchat Plus, you can turn into the sun. The individual with whom you share the most streaks is the first planet in the solar system, which is your closest DNA match.

On the app, this individual will be your “First Closest Friend.”

Your streaks say that the second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth planets will line up with your friends on the other planets.

Please remember that Snapchat’s planets are a fun way to show off your app-based link. You shouldn’t take anything seriously because of this. This information is inaccessible to free Snapchat users.

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Snapchat Plus Planet Order

The Snapchat planet order is great because the Snapchat Plus features show your links to other users.

The Best Friends badge also lets the other person know that you are a close friend of theirs.

Also, the Friends icon makes it clear that you are in their close group of friends, but they are not in yours.

If your friend is Mars and you’re the Moon, you’re Mars’s fourth closest friend in the Snapchat Planet Orders.

If you want to learn more about the Snapchat Plus planets, see the table below.

The following is the planetary order for Snapchat Plus.

  • Mercury
  • Venus
  • Earth
  • Mars
  • Jupiter
  • Saturn
  • Uranus
  • Neptune

Explanation of Snapchat Plus Planets Order


Snapchat Planet Order

Mercury is the nearest planet to the sun and goes around it first. The person you’ve shared the most streaks with will see the Mercury Bitmoji. The person you trust the most is your closest best friend. A Pink Planet with red stars on it stands in for the planet.



After Mercury, Snapchat will go after Venus. When you look at a world map, you can see the other individuals who have been in many of your streaks. This world is shown by a brown globe with yellow, blue, and pink hearts.



Snapchat Planet Order

The planet Earth stands in for your third favorite Snapchat friend.


Mars may be your fourth best friend in the universe. The picture shows a red planet with blue and purple love hearts.



If Jupiter existed, you’d add it as your sixth closest friend to Snapchat. The picture of this planet is an orange ball with no red hearts on it.



Snapchat Planet Order

Saturn is the name of your sixth-best Snapchat friend. A bright sphere with a ring around it shows the planet.



The planet Uranus is your seventh best friend on Snapchat. It is also the seventh planet in our solar system. It can also be shown as a cold, green world.



Snapchat Planet Order


After adding seven other people as Snapchat friends, Neptune is the planet you will most likely add as your eighth friend. A cold blue sphere shows the world.


What Do All These Planets Mean On Snapchat Plus?

What does “Earth” mean in Snapchat slang? When you use Snapchat, what does the sun mean? Users could not imagine what life would be like without Snapchat Plus.

So, Snapchat+ is helpful because it groups your friends into a ring around you established on their proximity. They are close if there are more streaks. The Snapchat Planet Order also shows how many people you are friends with on Snapchat.

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For users who share an improved account, the features can be accessed by choosing the friends or best friend’s badge.

Difference Between Snapchat to Snapchat Plus

The main difference between Snapchat and Snapchat+ is that Snapchat is more often used to share pictures and videos and chat with friends and family.

Snapchat users can call each other, send stories, and share where they are.

Additionally, Snapchat users cannot access the unique badge or its great features. They don’t have to pay extra or go through any trouble to use Snapchat’s main services.

On the other hand, you need a paid account to use Snapchat+. To access the newest and best features, users must subscribe to Snapchat+.

Features Of Snapchat Plus

Story Viewing Count

You can use the story rewatches icon to see who has watched your videos more than once. Additionally, the feature only shows the total number of times your stories have been viewed, not which friends have rewatched them. Thanks to Snapchat Plus, you can see who has rewatched your stories by clicking on the story and swiping up on it.

App Theme and Icon Modifications

If you have Snapchat Plus, changing your profile picture is easy. The app will display one of forty different, vibrant Snapchat Icons based on the user’s tastes.

Snapchat’s Plus Badge

A star icon will be next to your profile when you sign up for Snapchat Plus to show that you are a paid user. The Snapchat badge may also be turned off by default. To turn it on, go to your profile, click on your Snapchat+ membership card, and then click the Snapchat+ badge option. The Snapchat+ badge will be visible on your profile when your friends go there.

Personalized Endings for Stories

With Snapchat Plus, users can choose a time frame between one hour and seven days. Snapchat stories still disappear after 24 hours. This lets users post stories that will be deleted after a certain amount of time, usually at least an hour.


Snapchat Planet Order is the newest and best feature of the app. When you use Snapchat+, you are the sun; the person you share the most streaks with is the planet closest to you. Your profile’s “First Closest Friend” part will now have this person listed.

As your winning streaks get longer, your friends will easily take over as the solar system’s second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth planets. Users who subscribe to Snapchat Plus for a month, a year, or a seven-day trial are the only ones who can access this and other paid features.

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