Best Software Development Tools in 2022

Technology has taken the world to storm by immense advancement. Different software has made life easier by providing means to avert doing work manually. In fact, the main reason for developing software is to make everyday life easier and more effective.  Owing to the huge demand, the software development industry has a massive demand these days. Therefore, one needs to be strategic about the work and be more conscious of where one is putting one’s efforts into. 

With around 21 million software developers already existing in the IT industry, the competition is tough. Therefore, to improve your credibility, the developers should better focus on the effective tools that can assist in boosting up your productivity.  The following is the list of the most effective tools to keep in view the most important demand of today’s world. 

Things to remember before choosing Software Development Tools.

Before briefing tools, we would like to give you a heads up about the things you should remember while getting yourself tools.  Different platforms, including code editors, chose to share platforms, communication platforms, Linux, and cloud services, require tools to create, edit, support, and debug several other applications and manager frameworks and programs.  You should always keep in mind these factors while opting for a development tool. 

  • Standard of Company

The standards of the software development agency are In charge of defining the rules and procedures for developing software 

via its protocols and documents. The documents include the company’s working strategies, growth, and success documentaries. These documents help companies garner worldwide recognition. 

With the changes in times, standards have also been changed. Recently, the development standards include project management methods, including Scrum and Kanban. 

It would be unfair not to discuss DevOps when we talk about programming. It helps maintain speed, good performance, reliability, and productivity. The programming system has become more of a culture for companies due to its immense popularity. 

  • Tool’s Usefulness 

The basic purpose of tools is to provide ease and make things easier. The development industries use them to gain the industrial process. Additionally, it helps achieve productive outcomes and help investigate the errors in documentation and later rectify them. 

  • Suitable environment

Having a suitable environment is inevitable for preparing software. Therefore, you should ensure that the tools you have opted for vouch for appropriate environment. No users would like to look at the messier version of the project, so you should be careful about that. The right environment leads to full functionality for business-critical applications. 

  • Well-Synced 

These tools must be in tune with the rapidly evolving technology. Cloud-Native Computing is quite a thing nowadays in terms of its enterprise, and SMBs will be the next big thing. Therefore, builders need to build and deploy cloud-native applications over the extensive public, private, or hybrid cloud system. 

Best Software Development Tools in 2022

Now that we know enough about the factors important for tools, here is the list of the best five best software development tools. Take a look. 

1. Atom

Software Development Tools

Developed in 2014 by GitHub, Atom is by far one of the best and the most recommended code editors of 2021 in the list of best software development tools. This source code is preferable for macOS, Linux, and Windows. 

Users can effectively use it without considering a config file. The app allows installing customized themes. In fact, eight syntax themes are already loaded in the installed version. As far as the interface is to concerned, Atom is loaded with two light and two dar UI. 

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  1. Free of cost
  2. Open-source code editor
  3. Customizable appearance
  4. Automatic code indentation
  5. Customizable colored schemes for making codes more readable. 
  6. It has a third-party plugin for catching a coding error.
  7. You can view your project file and folder structure in a tree view. 

To be able to use Atom, you need to download and install it first. Downloading may be problematic if you are running OS X version 10.8. If you click 

“Download for Mac”, the file will pop on in your download list. If it does not appear, you will receive an error message indicating that the machine cannot open Atom.

Furthermore, drag the unzipped Atom folder into your application folder and Right-click “open”. The application would open by now. If you are running Windows7 or onward version, all you have to do is head to the same page and download the current version of Atom. It will also display in a downloaded folder as a .zip file. Lastly, double click and follow the steps in the Windows installer for further actions. 

2. Gleek

Software Development Tools

Next up, we have Gleek. It is one of the best text-to-diagram modeling tools that offer Free, Premium, and Team plans. The tool assists developers for creating required diagrams from reasonable descriptions. 

With Gleek, generating informal, sequence, class, or entity-relationship diagrams is easier and can be made as per users’ convenience simply with keyboards. 

Gleek makes it possible to prepare the plans and conceptualize the ideas of the project with fellow team members with the help of its predesigned templates. Diagrams are effective; however, it is time-consuming to represent ideas. 

Following are its amazing features. 

  1. Multi-user collaboration to collaborate mote users on the same platform for achieving the target
  2. The drag and drop features help drag the targeted section of text and drop it to an accurate position.
  3. It offers a plethora of predesigned templates for creating diagrams
  4. It enables developers to create a flowchart for expressing the procedures in steps.
  5. Gleek has a data import and export feature for facilitating you to save the diagrams into different formats. 

You can easily create a diagram with a free account without registering yourself. Also, it is possible to opt for a premium plan, which is suitable for those working with team members, and more features are required. 

3. Buddy

Software Development Tools

Next up, we have Buddy. This CI/CD tool is essentially used by the Web and software developers, digital agencies, designers, and technical copywriters. It is the best for building, testing, and deploying the software application with the help of delivery pipelines. These pipelines are created with 100 already built actions for supporting different deployment applications. 


  1. It offers unlimited delivery of pipelines.
  2. It helps you high0end environment in your project.
  3. Buddy lets you have an easy configuration through GUUI and YAML. 
  4. It offers first-class Docker support.
  5. It renders rapid deployment for GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, etc. 
  6. Buddy also offers Docker layer caching, concurrent pipelines, reusable environment, repository caching, and building custom applications.

It is a CI/CD tool mainly used by the Web and software developers, digital agencies, designers, technical copywriters. This is a paid tool with a cloud plan starting price of$75.00 per feature per month. However, you can also go with a free version or try its free trial as well.

To be able to use Buddy, sign up with your GitHub/Bitbucket/Google account. You can sign up with your email address as well. After that, opt for a GIT provider and repository as per the requirement of the project. 

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Next step would be creating a delivery pipeline. That can be done by configuring the Branch you wish to deploy. For this, you need to turn the trigger mode on manual, automatic on push, or you can also recurrent on a time interval. 

Lastly, opt for the Build action resonating with your project type. Go on with commanding for the application. Don’t forget to save the changes. 

Buddy offers free as well as paid versions. The paid version has more features and starts from $75. The prices depend on the features. 

4. AWS Cloud9 IDE

Software Development Tools

AWS Cloud9 IDE is one of the best-integrated development environments best for building, writing, running, and debugging your code. It provides the best and the most trusted code editing features, offering access to a Linux server that is capable of running and storing the code. 

This open-source programming tool can support different programming languages, including C, C++, Ruby, PHP, Python, Perl, JavaScript with Node.js, and Go. 


  1. It enables users to work with code in a running Docker container. 
  2. It offers online code repositories for storing the source code archives
  3. AWS Cloud9 enables you to collaborate with the team
  4. It lets you configure the IDE as per your preference.
  5. You can change the color themes as per your desire.
  6. You can bind shortcut keys for enhancing the workflow. 

The website does not bind people by tangling them in long-term contracts and licenses. Therefore, the users will pay for it as long as they are using it. 

5. Zend Studio

Software Development Tools

It is known as one of the best and widely known PHP editors, enabling users to develop quality PHP web and mobile applications that are solely based on IDE format. The app offers fast coding, easy debugging, and optimum productiveness from HTML, CSS, and JavaScripts to PHP 7.

Zend Studio is mainly designed for creating apps that boost developers’ productive side. Additionally, its amazing features provide immense support and guidance to developers to code intelligently. For instance, if the developers get the code wrong, it will help them instantly rectify, investigate, and analyze it. 


  1. It offers the latest scripting concepts in PHP 7.
  2. Integrates latest debugging tools, including Xdebug, Zend Bebuggers, and Z-ray.
  3. Contains a library of rich plugins and add-ons for developers.
  4. Offers framework-based applications
  5. Suppose you are looking for open-source and classroom projects, go for a free plan.

To use it, you need to download Zend Studio first. You can do it by selecting the family environment, including Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. Afterward, you are supposed to select the capacity of the platform. It will enable software to deduct the suitable version, making it possible to download a version that suits your sever. 

The app is paid and offers Personal, Commercial, and PHP Developer Suite, with each costing $89/annually, $189/annually, and $799/ bundle. If your main concern is the open-source plan for classroom projects, then the free plan is more suitable for you. 

Also, Check :

  1. TFPDL
  2. WapTrick
  3. F2Movies

Final Words:

Software development is an arduous task, and only a few eligible lots can make it. However, these tools have certainly made the job comparatively easier. These tools can also save the developers’ time and efforts by building an effective project in an instant. Before opting for a tool, be focused on your requirement and the period. 

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