How To Fix Spotify DJ AI Not Showing? Best Methods

Spotify DJ AI Not Showing

Spotify DJ AI enables users to build customized playlists and enjoy seamless music experiences. However, if Spotify DJ AI fails to show up or stops working, it might be unpleasant. In this post, you will discover several troubleshooting methods to help you fix the Spotify DJ AI not showing the issue and get it back up and running.

What Is Spotify DJ AI?

Spotify has a DJ AI tool that enables you to mix songs. It uses artificial intelligence algorithms to produce customized playlists based on a user’s listening habits and preferences. AI analyzes listening history, likes, and saved albums to create playlists tailored to an individual’s musical preferences. Spotify DJ AI allows users to continually find music based on their preferences, increasing their music discovery experience. It considers genres, artists, moods, tempos, and other comparable musical characteristics while creating coherent and pleasant playlists. With Spotify DJ AI, you can enjoy flawless song transitions and create a DJ-like experience tuned to your specific requirements.

Why Is Spotify DJ AI Not Showing?

Many things may impact your Spotify experience, including your country, Spotify version, beta status, whether you use Spotify for free or premium, and how you use it. AI Spotify DJ is only accessible in the United States and Canada. It does not show up as a result. If you reside in another country, you cannot download Spotify DJ.

How To Fix Spotify DJ AI Not Showing? Best Methods

So, in case you’re looking for Spotify DJ AI not showing issue, make sure to check out the methods listed below:

Check Region Is Supported

Spotify DJ is not accessible in all regions or countries where it is offered. It may not be accessible in your country. To determine whether Spotify is accessible in your region, visit the Spotify website. Spotify DJ is accessible to US and Canadian citizens.

Ensure You’ve A Premium Account

Spotify DJ is also exclusively available to Spotify Premium customers, in addition to regional limitations. Spotify DJ may not be accessible to free users in a supported region. Although Spotify DJ has not yet been rolled out to all premium users, not all have access to it. When Spotify DJ becomes available, you can subscribe to a premium membership to be among the first to try it.

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Check And Enable AI DJ For Your Account

DJs may be activated or disabled based on your preferences. If you can’t find the DJ in the app, it’s likely been disabled on your account. Go to Spotify’s Settings > Playback > AI DJ. If the AI DJ toggle is disabled, touch and switch it on. If your DJ card is disabled, you may find it via the mobile app by following the above steps.

Make Sure You’ve A Premium Account 

Are you a Spotify-free user? There is no Spotify DJ app for you, thus you cannot use it. Spotify DJ AI is exclusively accessible to Spotify Premium users, so if you desire to use the service, you may need to relax your purse strings.

Update Spotify

Did you check whether your Spotify app has been updated? You are likely experiencing the Spotify DJ AI not showing the issue simply because your app has not been updated. As a result, you should try setting up the app again and check if that works. Also, remember to enable automatic updates.

Spotify DJ AI Not Showing

 Enable AI Dj

To enable AI DJ on your account, complete the steps below.
  • Open Spotify.
  • Head to Settings > Playback > AI DJ.
  • If AI DJ is disabled, you have to enable it.

Clear The App Cache

To fix the Spotify DJ AI not showing an error, delete its cache and data in case of data corruption inside the app’s files. To do this, take these steps.

  • Navigate to Settings.
  • Click Apps.
  • Find Spotify on the list of apps. Click the Settings button.
  • Pick Spotify to clear the cache and data.

Restart Spotify

Simply restarting the app may fix difficulties with Spotify AI DJ. Spotify will then request a list of files from its servers and contact them again.

Check Internet Connection

Spotify DJ AI Not Showing

If you’re encountering Spotify DJ AI not showing issues, you should check your internet connection. This feature cannot be used offline since Spotify is new.

Wait For the Beta Version To Roll Out For Your Spotify Account

Spotify DJ is still in beta, so there are some limitations to consider. This implies that premium users in the United States and Canada will progressively have access to it. Even if you match the above conditions, the beta may still need to be rolled out to your account. In certain circumstances, you may be able to wait a few days until Spotify DJ becomes accessible.

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Check The Spotify Server Status

From time to time, the Spotify server can be the source of the issue. If Spotify is experiencing downtime, you may check Downdetector for user-reported issues. Downdetector analyzes major websites and services for issues and collects user data. If the problem is with Spotify’s servers, there isn’t much you can do except wait for the Spotify DJ AI not showing the issue to fix.

Reinstall The Spotify App

If DJ is still inaccessible to you, try reinstalling it. To use Spotify on an iPhone, hold down the Spotify icon on the home screen or in the App Store. To confirm your selection, press Delete App followed by Delete again. On an Android phone, press and hold Spotify and then pick App Info. When asked, select Uninstall and confirm your choice. Then, reinstall it from the Play Store or App Store.

Wait For A Few Days

Despite being in a supported region and a premium member, several users reported delays with the DJ AI. Because the functionality is still in the early phases of beta testing, you may be experiencing the same issue. Your region may not have gotten the most recent Spotify app update, and the DJ function may not be accessible yet. We suggest waiting a day or two before applying any updates. It will assist you in setting up your mobile device’s DJ capability.

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The Bottom Line:

So, that’s how to fix the Spotify DJ AI not showing up the problem. We hope this information was helpful. If you have any other information, please leave a comment below.

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