Windows10 Taskbar Not Working Issue Solved

Windows10 Taskbar Not Working

A taskbar is a multi-faceted graphical user interface used for various purposes. Its main function is to show which programs are currently running. The Window10 Taskbar is positioned at the bottom of the screen. It gives access to the start menu and the most frequently used application. Sometimes, due to some technical programs, the Window10 taskbar doesn’t work. Windows10 Taskbar Not Working is one such issue that, while using Windows computer, one can encounter frequently. The taskbar usually refuses to take commands anymore whenever this issue takes place. Sometimes, Windows10 Taskbar Not Working issue gets so annoying that it gets terribly frozen; even moving a cursor becomes difficult. 

Suppose you’re one of those who are dealing with the Windows10 Taskbar Not Working issue, then stop worrying, as we have got you covered. With few tricks, this issue can be resolved. These tricks not only rectify the issues that sit behind the taskbar but also get the taskbar to working again. Some of the methods to resolve the Windows10 Taskbar Not Working problem are: 

1. Task Manager 

Using Task Manager is undoubtedly one of the best ways to sort out the Windows10 Taskbar Not Working problem. It helps restart and kill Windows Explorer and also fixes non-responding programs. Following steps should be followed to resolve Windows10 Taskbar problems:

  • Firstly, press the Ctrl+ Shift+ ESC keys all at the same time to launch Task Manager.
  • In case the details about your process are not visible, click on “More details” and all the relevant information shall be visible. 
  • Afterwards click on the Processes tab right at the top and there one can come across one’s all running programs. 
  • Lastly, search for the process that infers “Windows Explorer”. Just right-click on it, and select “Restart”. 
  • This method will get your Explorer to restart, helping the taskbar to perform its function seamlessly. 

2. Restart Windows Explorer Using Command Prompt

Using the Command Prompt utility on the computer is yet another easy and reliable way to relaunch Windows Explorer. To use this program to get your desired result, the following steps should be followed:

  • First of all, use the Cortana search to look for and open Command Prompt. 
  • Secondly, type in the command, “taskkill /f /im explorer. exe” and then press the Enter key.
  • If at any time you realize that everything on the screen has almost vanished, simply type “explorer.exe” to bring it all back. 
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3. Re-registering the Taskbar

Windows10 taskbar, not working problem can be solved conveniently by simply re-registering the TaskbarThere is a chance that the Window10 Taskbar might not be working because it has been deregistered from the system already thereby creating problems and freezing the program. If anything of this sort happens, the utility can be registered through power shell. It helps to restore the functionality of the Windows10 Taskbar whenever it is experiencing any problem. To get it done, all one needs to do is run a command. For this,the following steps should be followed. 

  • Initially press the Windows key, look up for Windows PowerShell, and then launch it
  • Enter command “ Get-AppXPackage-AllUsers| Foreach {Add-AppxPackage-DisableDevelopmentMode-Register “$($_.InstallLocation)AppXManifest. XmI”} into the Powershell Windows and press Enter key
  • After entering the command, close the powerShell Windows
  • Once you’re sure that the computer is showing hidden files, head to the below-stated path with the help of File Explorer: 


  • Finally,find the folder named TileDataLayer, right-click on it, and finally select Delete. And voila you are good to go.

4. Prevent the Launch of Certain Apps At Startup

Often the reason behind Windows10 Taskbar Not Working, is that different apps are launching at the start of the computer. These apps keep interrupting the regular working of a taskbar in the Windows10 Taskbar.  Once you are sure that the main reason behind the unresponsive taskbar is the running apps in the background, make sure to get them disabled from getting launched right at the startup of the computer. The steps to be followed are:

  • Use the Cortana search to launch the Setting apps.
  • To view the list of applications that open at startup, simply select Startup from the left sidebar. 
  • On the right side pane, a list of apps will appear that are allowed to run at the boot of the computer. If you are confident about certain apps creating taskbar issues, simply turn the toggle off and all these apps will be disappeared. 

5. Rollback Windows Updates.

One of the main works of Window’s update is that it fixes bugs and renders new features. However, it’s important to remember there are some updates may tend to break the existing features, even the Windows10 Taskbar. In the situation like these, rolling back the update is always a good way to sort out a problem. Following are the instructions

  • As expected, initially, open the Setting apps
  • Click on “Update & Security” to view the updates.
  • Then click on “Recovery” located in the left sidebar menu
  • Lastly, click on the “Get Started” button right beneath the “Go back to the previous version of Windows10” section. Finish the task by following simple on-screen tasks. 
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6. Use Other Users’ Account

There are times when some unintentional blunders wreak havoc on the core features of the computer. Just like that, Window10 Taskbar can also be harmed by unintentional mistakes. To make sure if such is the case, simply check if the Still Windows10 Taskbar Not Working by logging into another user’s account on your computer. It will gives you an insight into the main cause of the issue and can also provide you a help in solving it. For making a secondary account, follow the following acts:

  • Go to setting>Accounts> Family & other users and click on “Add someone else to this PC”.
  • Once the account is made, click on the profile icon, and later Sign out. 
  • Log-in to the secondary account to check whether the taskbar works or not

7. Rollback to a System Restore Point

Rollback to a System Restore Point offers great assistance in undoing any such unreasonable changes being made to the computer. By undoing significant changes, there are chances that the computer comes back to what it used to be before making any changes. To undo changes, follow the following steps:

  • Search for “System Restore” in Cortana. Open it
  • Click the “System Restore” button
  • Tap “Next”, choose the restore point, and click “Next” again.
  • Once the restored paint is restored, the taskbar should start working.

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Final Thought:

Window Taskbar is one of the important and most crucial functions of a computer. Given its importance, any inconvenience caused by its functioning can prove really problematic for the users. Therefore, keeping in look the importance of the taskbar and the inconvenience it causes if it is disabled, we have tried to sort this issue out by providing some tips, tricks, and steps to fix the problem by either switching to another account, undoing some customized changes, or by rollback afresh window update. And Solce Windows10 Taskbar Not Working Issue.

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