BMW Wireless Charging Not Working? How To Fix

BMW Wireless Charging Not Working

BMW, or Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, is renowned for its high-tech, luxury automobiles. BMW’s automobiles are luxury, providing users with premium amenities that every affluent user demands. According to statistics, BMW sold around 2.4 million passenger automobiles. After examining the number of sold automobiles, you can readily determine the demand for BMW. BMW introduced new automobiles with several different models and versions. You can conveniently charge your device by positioning it on the BMW Wireless Charging tray, which is standard in most BMW automobiles. However, some BMW car owners have reported that the BMW Wireless Charging Car is Not Working. Thousands of users are experiencing the issue, and they are unsure whether there are any hardware or software difficulties. We’ve created this list to help you analyze the issue’s root cause. Following that, we will list the methods you may use to resolve the problem with your BMW Car.


Why Does BMW Wireless Charging Not Working?

BMW Owners are speculating on a variety of reasons for the issue. Most of them believe it is a hardware issue, but they are still unsure about it. Several users have previously reported that they were facing the BMW Wireless Charging Not Working issue as a result of software difficulties with the phone or car. We will list the reasons that users who have fixed the issue have reported. This can undoubtedly assist you in understanding and resolving the problem. So, let’s find out.

  • The chances of the issue occurring from the Charging Tray are high.
  • Your device needs to be correctly oriented.
  • The mobile case hampers Wireless Charging.
  • Wireless Charging is incompatible with your device, or there is a software issue.
  • There are several hardware concerns with the car.

BMW Wireless Charging Not Working? How To Fix

Please now analyze the root cause of the issue for the reasons above. There are many additional reasons, but they may need to be clarified; therefore, we have not listed them. We’ll show you how to resolve your car’s BMW Wireless Charging Not Working issue. So, double-check the methods and ensure that they are properly implemented.

Turn On Wireless Charging

BMW Before inserting their device into the Charging Tray, car owners must first activate BMW Wireless Charging. In the Infotainment, there is an option to initiate Wireless Charging. Go to the infotainment settings to provide wireless charging, which is “TURNED ON” on your BMW car. The issue will probably occur with you if the setting is “TURNED OFF.” If you often charge your device using wireless charging and are certain it is turned on, we suggest you double-check since the settings may be reset to default if you turn off your car. To ensure the issue isn’t occurring due to wireless charging, turn it on from the Infotainment.

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Check Mobile Compatibility

For Wireless Charging, users need to check their mobile compatibility. The issue will occur if you attempt to charge a device that doesn’t support Wireless Charging. Users who need to update their device to enable Wireless Charging may also face this issue. Updates are made available to device users to repair small or serious issues. So, if there is a glitch with Wireless Charging on your phone and you still need to update it to the newest version, you are certainly facing the problem. We suggest device users facing this issue check for the most recent updates. If there are any updates available, download them. Check to see if the BMW Wireless Charging Not Working issue is still occurring after you have updated the device.

Place The Mobile Properly

To ensure that the mobile is charging correctly, it must be properly positioned in the Charging Tray. If you do not correctly place the mobile in the charging tray, the issue will likely occur.

Restart Mobile

If the charging has not begun, you might try restarting your mobile device. Because of minor problems, Wireless Charging may not work. So you may try restarting the phone to resolve the issue. This approach has helped many users resolve this issue. Check to see whether the issue has been fixed by trying this approach.

Update Mobile

Users need to ensure that the operating system version on their devices is the most recent. If the BMW Wireless Charging is not updated, you may face an issue while attempting to charge your device. Wireless Charging also needs the most recent version. We suggest you check for updates on your device and upgrade to the newest version if any are offered.

Remove Mobile Case

The BMW Wireless Charging Not Working may be because you’re attempting to charge your phone when it’s linked to a mobile case. Wireless charging works only when a direct connection is established with the wireless charger. The mobile case might function as a barrier; therefore, wireless charging may not work. To use Wireless Charging, you must ensure your mobile case is compatible with it. Remove it and attempt Wireless Mode to charge the phone.


Check Mobile Temperature

Users should check the temperature to ensure that their mobile device is overheated. If the temperature of our device gets to a high level, the charger and phone will stop working correctly. We suggest that users check their mobile device’s temperature. Immediately after removing the mobile casing, check the temperature. It would also be beneficial if you had any temperature-checking devices. If the temperature of the mobile is excessive, we suggest you take it to a cool place and wait half an hour. Do not use your mobile phone at that time.

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Check For Charging Issues 

The BMW Wireless Charging may not be working due to software or hardware difficulties with your device. It would be good for you to evaluate the Wireless Charging of your device using an external wireless charger. If the device does not charge even after using the external charger, there is a problem with it, and you should have it fixed by a service facility. If the charging works on the device, there may be software or hardware problems with the BMW Wireless Charging.

Try Soft Reset


You may also attempt soft resetting the BMW Infotainment to ensure that no difficulties are occurring due to its settings or misconfigure. Users must follow the steps listed below to soft reset the BMW Infotainment.

  • First, ensure the engine is turned off and the car is in standby mode.
  • Now, for 30 seconds, press the Volume Down or Knob.
  • After 30 seconds, press the Volume Down or Knob button to turn on the Infotainment.
  • After that, you will see the BMW logo. That is it.

Hard Reset Infotainment


Well, if soft resetting your Infotainment has not helped resolve the problem, you may attempt the hard reset technique. The steps listed below must be followed.

  • First, ensure the engine is turned off and the car is in standby mode.
  • Launch the Infotainment.
  • Choose the Car option.
  • Now, choose the Settings option.
  • Proceed to the General Settings option.
  • Scroll down and choose Reset Vehicle Data.
  • Select Confirm to begin the operation.
  • Wait a while; the infotainment system will begin to reset.
  • After that, try to charge the mobile again using wireless charging.

Visit Service Center

Users who continue to experience the BMW Wireless Charging Not Working issue must visit a service facility. We’re speculating that the issue is due to a hardware issue. To evaluate the hardware issue, you must visit a BMW Car Service Center, where they will assist you in determining and resolving the issue’s origin. So it’s good for you to visit the repair facility and get your issue fixed.

Consider The Following:

Final Words:

Users have been upset by the BMW Wireless Charging Not Working issue. They have attempted several methods to resolve the issue but have been unsuccessful. This guide lists the reasons and methods you may use to analyze and resolve the issue’s source. We hope this guide addresses the problem with your BMW car. Please let us know in the comments area if you have any questions.

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