Guide On How To Connect TCL TV To Wi-Fi?

Connect TCL TV To Wi-Fi

Connect TCL TV To Wi-Fi: TCL offers various Android TVs that make streaming shows and content a breeze. However, the Wi-Fi connection might occasionally fail. You could also be confused about how the TV connects to the internet. There’s no reason to be concerned. Aside from learning how to connect it to Wi-Fi, you may find many ways to troubleshoot the absence of an internet signal here. Continue reading to find out more.

Connect A TCL TV To Wi-Fi

When you buy a TCL TV, it comes with remote control. It will be largely used to control the user interface.

1 – Start your TCL Android TV.

2 – Press the home button. 

3 – Navigate to the Settings menu.

4 – Select “Network And Internet.” 

5 – Select the network to which you wish to connect.

6 – Enter your password.

7 – Confirm your selection.

After a few moments, the TV should have internet connectivity. Then you may view YouTube videos or stream Netflix. You may now get all of your online entertainment needs to be met.

Wi-Fi Not Working

You need to do several tests if the TCL TV does not connect to the internet. First, this might solve the problem.

Test Internet Connection

The TV is occasionally placed in a Wi-Fi signal dead zone. This signifies that the signal cannot readily reach the TV. In this instance, you can relocate the router closer to the TV and see whether the TV can connect to the internet. If your smartphone can still connect to the internet after this, there might be a problem with the TV’s Wi-Fi module. Don’t give up just yet; there are alternative solutions.

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Check To Make Sure You’re Using The Correct Password

Typing the password into a remote control may be time-consuming and inefficient. You may have made a blunder. You might forget a network and carefully reenter the password if this is the case. There’s nothing to worry about if the effort succeeds. You will likely need to contact your internet service provider if there is no internet signal. They may dispatch someone to check the problem with the connection. If the TV is the sole device that will not connect to the internet, something is amiss with the internal components.

Connect A TCL TV To Wi-Fi Without A Remote

While the remote control is the most common method of controlling a TCL TV, there are other ways to connect the TV to the internet. Therefore, the remote control isn’t entirely required.

Use Roku App And Mobile Hotspot

We don’t advocate using the mobile hotspot regularly unless you have limitless data. It does, however, connect you in connecting the TV to the internet.

1 – Download the Roku app and install it.

2 – Begin sharing your smartphone’s mobile hotspot.

3 – Navigate to the Roku app.

4 – Now, connect the app to the TV. 

5 – Next, open the Settings menu. 

6 – Navigate to the network settings. 

7 – Navigate to your home Wi-Fi network. 

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8 – Connect the TV to the internet.

After that, you may instantly turn off the hotspot. You may also connect the TV to the internet via your phone’s hotspot, which may eat a significant portion of your monthly data allowance.

Use Mouse And Keyboard

TCL TVs include USB ports for wired or wireless USB mice and keyboards. Because you’ll be sitting further away from the TV, wireless devices are your best bet. All you’ve to do is plug them in and try them out. If your mouse or keyboard is not working properly, try reinserting it. You should use newer items since they are more likely to be supported by the most recent TVs.

1 – Plug in your mouse and keyboard. 

2 – Navigate to the Settings menu.

3 – Navigate to the network section. 

4 – Select your Wi-Fi network. 

5 – Enter the password. 

6 – Connect to the internet.

It’s as easy as that. The mouse and keyboard combo is handy and makes controlling the TV much easier.

Conclusion: Connect TCL TV To Wi-Fi

Your TCL TV is prepared to enter the world of streaming videos and your favorite shows. While connecting the TV to your Wi-Fi might be a little difficult initially, it’s a simple process. You can even change networks afterward. So what do you use to control your TCL TV? What are your favorite streaming shows? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below.

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