Social Computer

Rethinking the computer

Solu is the world's smallest general-purpose computer with a revolutionary operating system, an intuitive user interface and a unique subscription model. Our entire ecosystem is built around the way people work and play today, allowing you the freedom and flexibility to get things done wherever you are, whenever you need them done.

Solu OS

Solu OS is the first operating system to use cloud as a key component. It was built around collaboration and the ability to split your life into multiple projects.

Redefining the user interface

Think of Solu as a natural extension to your mind. Solu’s UI revolutionizes the way people use computers by mimicking the functionality of your brain. The zoomable interface allows you to organize your projects and applications using simple, natural gestures. You can use the pocket-sized computer as a stand-alone portable device, or connect it to a screen and keyboard for a full desktop experience.

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Advanced cloud-linked OS

Solu’s operating system challenges the status quo by trading local filesystems to a large multi-GB cache of the Solu cloud. It removes the hassle of maintenance, backups and installations, while enabling offline use and native access to hardware. All data is encrypted and kept in protected locations to maintain a high level of privacy.

Social computing made simple

Solu is not just a personal computer; it's a social computer. We believe that collaboration should never have been treated as an afterthought. That's why every layer of the Solu OS supports doing things together and being able to organize your life into various projects.

Introducing computer-as-a-service

Solu is the world's first computer-as-a-service. Its revolutionary subscription model offers unlimited access to apps for a small monthly fee. For the first time ever, developers get monthly revenue based on app usage, which means that you can say goodbye to freemiums and in-app purchases.

Intuitive design, inside and out

Solu's physical design draws from minimalistic, organic forms. Instead of cold metal or cheap plastic, Solu is carved out of real wood, which feels warm against your skin and develops character over time.

Meet Solu

Solu is rooted in Finland, the country that led the mobile revolution. Members of the Solu team have delivered multiple hardware and software projects for a variety of companies ranging from large enterprises to startups.

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