Meta Verified Not Showing On Instagram? How To Fix

Meta Verified Not Showing

We hope you are all aware of the new updates to Twitter, Meta, and other social media networks. Initially, Twitter indicated that users would get a verified badge subscription. This will assist the users boost their reach on the site and show that they are verified users. Similarly, Meta, a well-known corporation with many social media platforms, has introduced the Meta Verified for Instagram. This feature is similar to Twitter Blue, in which you must pay a fee to buy a service subscription to get the blue checkmark on your profile. The subscription-based service has been rolled out to various regions and users. Users have mentioned that the Meta Verified Not Showing on Instagram is causing them issues. We’ve prepared a guide to assist you in simply resolving the problem.

Meta Verified Not Showing On Instagram Causes

Many Instagram users are excited about the verified option. However, for different reasons, they are unable to use it. The reasons we list below may help you understand why you are facing the problem.

  • The service may bell be unavailable in the region you chose.
  • You last updated it quite some time ago.
  • The app’s cache files are creating issues.
  • You aren’t connected to a high-speed internet connection.
  • You’ve not joined the waitlist.

Meta Verified Not Showing On Instagram? How To Fix

You may not see the Meta Verified on Instagram for various reasons. We will list ways to resolve the issue on your app without effort below.

Try Using VPN

If you are unaware, the Meta Verified is being rolled out to different regions. If it still needs to be rolled out in your region, you will most likely encounter the Meta Verified Not Showing issue. We suggest using a VPN and checking for the supported region before using that location to access the feature. Because the feature is only accessible in certain regions, users with the appropriate IP address will see the Meta Verified. You must try using the VPN on your device and check to see whether the issue is addressed.

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Check The Internet Connection

Meta Verified Not Showing

To avoid issuesthe Meta Verified users must be connected to a high-speed internet connection. All apps on the Play Store need a consistent high-speed internet connection. The app will likely fail if you have a slower internet connection. To avoid such issues, please check the internet connection on your system. To check the speed of your network connection, you must use the Internet Speed Tester. Once you’ve tested the internet connection speed, ensure you’re connected to a faster internet connection. You must resolve any issues with the internet connection.

Clear Instagram’s Cache

The Meta Verified may show up on the other user’s app but not on yours. It may arise as a result of issues with the Instagram cache file. For new users, cache files help load apps quicker. All starting files are kept in the cache to ensure effective operation without any issues. However, if there are any issues with Instagram’s cache, you must resolve them by cleaning it. To clear Instagram’s cache, follow the procedures listed below.
  • Unlock your phone and go to the Apps area.
  • Press and hold the Instagram app.
  • Select App Info.
  • Now, choose the Storage option.
  • Scroll down and click Clear Cache.
  • Wait for the facts to become apparent.

Check whether the Meta Verified is displayed when you open the app again. If it is not, follow the following technique to repair it.

Check For Instagram Update

Meta Verified Not Showing

Even when fresh updates are available, many users continue to use the program without updating. Device and app providers suggest that users download and install the latest updates to their system and app. Bugs are fixed, and security updates are sent with each new update. Along with this, additional features are introduced to the apps. Users who still need to update Instagram can check for updates on the Play Store. All apps are installed under the Installed Apps area, which you must access. After you arrive, click Check For Updates and scroll down to check if any Instagram updates are available. If any Instagram updates are available, download them and check whether the Meta Verified is now showing.

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Join The Waitlist 

As we previously said, the Meta Verified is not accessible in all of the regions listed. So, wait until the option is rolled out in your location. In the meantime, you may join the waitlist for the Meta Verified by selecting any verified option and pressing on their username. You need to follow a few steps, which are listed below.

  • The Instagram App should be launched first.
  • Now, choose the Search option to look for the username.
  • Type any verified username (such as Instagram).

Meta Verified Not Showing

  • Launch the account and click the username.

  • Now, to join the waitlist, click the option at the bottom of the screen.

  • You will be told That the feature will be available in your region once. That is it.

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Many users are excited about the Meta Verified since it allows them to get the blue tick. However, the option to buy it for their account needs to be visible to them. Even though the feature has begun to roll out for various regions, users needed clarification about why they faced such issues. In this guide, we’ve listed how to fix the Meta Verified Not Showing on Instagram. We hope this guide answers your question about Instagram’s Meta Verified.

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