How do I Transfer Large Files with Dropbox Transfer?

Dropbox Transfer

The internet is an excellent tool for transferring data from one place to another. Annoyingly, however, it cannot be easy to send a large file to a friend. So, One of the ways many people transfer files is via email attachments. This is quick & easy for small files, but most email providers have pretty low maximum attachment file size limits to minimize the required storage capacity.

For instance, Google limits Gmail attachments to 25MB, although it can receive emails with up to 50MB of attachments. This Microsoft Outlook supports emails with up to 20MB of attachments. Meanwhile, this is more than enough for most documents, and it isn’t always enough for videos or images.

However, Dropbox offers an Alternative allowing you to transfer files of up to 100MB at any one time through what it calls “Dropbox Transfers.” The transfer is different from sharing a file or folder with someone primarily because the recipients do need a Dropbox account to access the file. A transfer is always a link that allows the recipient to download a copy of the file. Meanwhile, it is possible to share read-only folders in Dropbox. Well, They default to allowing the people it’s shared with the ability to edit the contained documents. You receive a download confirmation email.

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How do I transfer large files with Dropbox Transfer?

To generate a transfer, you need to be logged in to and looking at the Dropbox website for Dropbox Transfer. Tap on the nine-dot icon in the top-right, then click on “Transfer.”

Dropbox Transfer

Click on the nine-dot icon in the Dropbox website’s top-right corner, then click “Transfer.”

On the transfer page, Tap “Create transfer” to start the transfer creation process.

Dropbox Transfer

Tap “Create transfer” in the Transfer Page.

On the next screen, Tap “Start a transfer.” Then select the file or folder you want to share from either your computer or from your Dropbox. Add as many files & folders as you want, up to the 100MB limit.

Tap the cogwheel icon in the bottom left to open the transfer settings, here you can set a date when the transfer will expire and a password. By default, transfers are valid for seven days and have no password set. You can pick to untick the checkbox labeled “Let me know when someone downloads” to disable download notifications.

Once you’ve added the files you want, and configured any options to your liking, click “Create transfer” to upload the files.

Tip: Depending on your internet speed and the size of the files you’re uploading, this could take some time.

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Dropbox Transfer

Once the upload has been completed, you’ll be presented with a link. Copy this and share it with anyone you want to be able to access the transfer. You can also choose to email the link directly to people or to preview the download yourself.

Tip: Remember also to send them the password if you set one.

Dropbox Transfer

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Final Words:

Sharing large files can be a pain. By following these steps in this guide, you can make a Dropbox transfer to send up to 100MB at one time.

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